I have had the great pleasure of helping to arrange and run the wedding parties with several couples during recent years. Among others, there have been a dozen happy multinational couples.

Marianne ja Apramey

Marianne ja Apramey 2016

The grooms in “my weddings” have come
from different countries, including

– Australia
– Austria
– Belgium
– Brasil
– Denmark
– Finland
– Germany
– Great Britain
– India
– Ireland
– Island
– Japan
– Latvia
– Norway
– The Nederlands
– Romania
– Sweden

I am able to run a festive event in English (and in Estonian, of course), but I have also learned some Russian, Swedish, French and German.

The Estonian wedding traditions are extremely rich, lively and interesting.
I also enjoy any challenge to mix the historical values and the ideas of modern multicultural life.

I am happy to be at your service! Please, feel free to contact me!